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The Rhythm Hot Shots (TRHS) has been a professionally working dance performance company since 1985. The ensemble has done more than 1000 performances throughout the world, and among many prestigious engagements please find the following as an example:


  • Come to Broadway (1990) starring Harold Nicholas
  • Jumpin´ at the Jubilee (1996) featuring Norma Miller
  • Hep to the Jive (1998)
  • Swing (1999)
  • What is this Thing called Swing? (USA, 2000)


  • Jublar Anamma (1993)
  • Hello Dolly (1994)


  • Arla Milk (1991)
  • KappAhl Clothes (1996 and 1997)
  • Several record- and music productions


TRHS has made more than 25 shows in Swedish television, but also in Germany, England, Switzerland and USA.


TRHS has frequently since 1988 been performing all over Europe, but also in USA, Canada, Singapore and Australia. The engagements encompasses a broad range including several night-clubs, restaurants and theatres. The company has furthermore exclusively been performing at the World Championships in Lindy Hop (three times) and the European Championships in Rock´n´Roll (two times). Co-operations include Count Basie Orchestra, Nicholas Brothers, Albert Minns, Frank Manning and Norma Miller.


TRHS members have during many years also been among the leading African-American dance teachers in the world. Their know-how is in constant demand and the dancers are frequently seen at the main African-American dance events.

The Rhythm Hot Shots are also organizers of the worlds most comprehensive camp for African-American dances, Herräng Dance Camp.


  • Winner of the legendary Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem (New York USA, 1992)
  • Winner of the Feather Award for Most Outstanding Global Swing Dancers (Beverly Hills USA, 1994)
  • Winner of the Frankie Award for everlasting work to preserve and spread the African-American dance culture (Munich Germany, 1996)